Original oil and acrylic paintings by Iain Will
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Iain Will
Welcome to my website.
I decided to build this art gallery to show my oil paintings, but if you would like to find out what inspired me to create my art:

"I’ve always painted, ever since I can remember, starting with felt-tip pens, gouache and finally, oils and acrylic paintings. My parents had the foresight to take my sister and me to some wonderful North Yorkshire beauty spots. My Dad used to keep a diary of the animals and plants we’d see on family days out, and I drew wildlife illustrations for him, using colouring pencils (usually on Sunday nights).
I stopped oil painting and drawing for a few of my ‘wild’ teenage years, but came back to it in my late teens. Since then I’ve been painting constantly all through my married years; I now have a wife and a son."

"Now I paint mainly in oil and acrylics on board and canvas, and I’ll paint anything and don’t necessarily want to stick to one subject matter, although wildlife art and landscape paintings are a common theme. Woodland scenes are my favorite at the moment. I paint in a style that is a mixture of impressionism and realism and shy away from abstraction, though I do appreciate this approach in others (when it is done well). I try not to be too photographic, and try to keep a painterly feel to my art. I’ll let you decide how successful I’ve been!
I hope my oil paintings at least create a feeling of mood. I’ve written some artists tips on painting and I hope you find them useful. Take a look, even if you’re not a painter. You’ll be shown a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how I compose and paint a picture from scratch. Follow the links to artist's tips and on the easel to see more about how its done."










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